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Who is ROAR for PAWS?

Rural Outreach And Relief For Paws

NPO 202-569 PBO 930070372, where


is paramount

and the forgotten furry souls are tops!


We at ROAR for PAWS do not want to be a quiet voice for the forgotten souls in rural areas, we want to

raise awareness with a mighty ROAR!

​This small organization was started by 3 individuals, Joanne Brune, Salomie du Plessis and Louise Schoeman. Though having furkids, ‘normal jobs’ and families of our own, our passion has always been ‘outreach’ work. After being ‘hands-on’ in animal welfare since 2011, we gradually started to focus on our big dream and branched out in 2017. This led to the birth of our organization in 2018. NPO 202-569 was registered on 26 January 2018. PBO 930070372 registered on 28 January 2021.


​Our dream is to replace the nightmares experienced by the forgotten souls in communities with happy dreams and the reality of HOPE! We strive to ensure no more litters, no more hunger, no more illness without medical assistance and improved living conditions with maintenance and feeding programs for those community furkids under our wings. To us, ALL souls matter and STERILIZATION is the key to a better future.


We aim to uplift rural and disadvantaged communities through education and empowering them to successfully look after and care for their domestic animals and promoting the correct and humane care, nutrition, treatment, training and handling of animals in terms of good animal and welfare standards. Currently we focus mainly on furkids on farms in the Wellington / Paarl / Cape Town Northern Suburbs areas.


We rely fully on our passionate volunteers and support network so that TOGETHER we can make a difference.​ We believe in working together with like-minded individuals and organizations, for in the end there is only ONE goal: improve the lives and future of the furkids.

ROAR with us and help us bring this heartfelt message to each and every one of our rural furkids….


You are beautiful.

You are unique.

You are perfect.

You are worthy of love and affection.

You are precious, you are a diamond, a rose, a pearl,

the most stunning of all God's creations.

You are worth more than you can ever imagine.

Your worth surpasses all earthly things

because in the eyes of the Lord, and people like us at ROAR for PAWS,

YOU are loved.

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