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We have furkids up for adoption!

They are in foster care and available for viewing at our adoption events or per appointment with the foster mom(s).


Please give careful consideration to adopting a dog or cat. They are not toys or short-term commitments. They MUST be part of the family and cannot be outside lawn ornaments. Make sure your lifestyle allows the time, patience, training, and expense this furkid will need over the years. Please take time to think, be honest with yourself and us when applying for adoption.



 Our adoption Process:

  • Complete and give the adoption application to a ROAR for PAWS representative or e-mail to

    • Remember to initialize each page and sign the last page.

  • or complete the application online.

  • A home check will be done.

  • Should the home check and application be successful, you will be informed to collect your dog/cat.


Adoption fee is R850 and includes:

  • Up to date vaccinations / deworming / tick&flea treatment at time of adoption

  • Cats FEL-V and FIV negative (Whilst every effort is made to ensure that all cats adopted out have tested negative for FEL-V and FIV, we cannot be held responsible for the virus that is in the incubation period of 60 – 90 days.)

  • Sterilization

  • Microchip

  • A lifetime of LOVE and LOYALTY!

Additional information:

  • You must be 18+ years old to adopt.

  • Your current furkids must be sterilized and their vaccinations must be up to date. (Unless there is a valid veterinary report indicating why this is not possible.)

  • Your furkids must be part of your family and must sleep inside.

  • Your property must be fully fenced. This fence must be high enough and secure.

  • Please note it typically takes up to 7 days to process your application (including reference checks and home visit). If you haven't heard from a ROAR for PAWS representative after 7 days, please do email us to catch up at

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