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Foster homes are always needed




Please give careful consideration to fostering a dog or cat. They must be part of the family and cannot be outside lawn ornaments. Make sure your lifestyle allows the time, patience and training this furkid will need. Please take time to think, be honest with yourself and us when applying for fostering.



Our Foster Process:

  • Complete and give the foster application to a ROAR for PAWS representative or e-mail to

    • Remember to initialise each page and sign last page.

  • A home check will be done

  • Should the home check and application be successful, you will be informed to collect the foster dog/cat.


Other information.

  • You may choose to provide food for the foster dog/cat or request ROAR for PAWS to provide the food.

  • ROAR for PAWS does take no responsibility for damage of objects, home or garden in any kind of way.

  • Foster parents must bring their foster dogs/cats to adoption events when requested. This is especially important that puppies/kittens must attend ALL arranged adoption days.

  • ROAR for PAWS makes all medical and adoption decisions regarding foster dogs/cats.

  • Should the dog/cat need medical treatment (including but not limited to vaccinations and deworming) you will be required to take the dog/cat to ROAR for PAWS or to a ROAR for PAWS appointed vet for the procedure on the date/time as agreed between yourself and ROAR for PAWS. Costs for medical treatment at our appointed vet will be covered by ROAR for PAWS in full. You are most welcome to contribute, should you wish to.

  • Should you choose to take the dog/cat to your private vet, approval must be obtained from ROAR for PAWS, and then you will be responsible for all costs.

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