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Notice of Non-Affiliation

📣Urgent Announcement - Please read ⚠️⚠️Notice of Non-Affiliation⚠️⚠️

NPO 202-569 was registered on 26 January 2018 with the following information in our constitution: "The Organisation hereby constituted will be called RURAL OUTREACH AND RELIEF FOR PAWS. Its shortened name will be ROAR for PAWS." Since registration, our organization has been referred to as ROAR by the public and our supporters.

❌ It has come to our attention that another organization was recently formed and is using a similar sounding name: R.O.A.R. This is an outreach branch of Dead Animals Walking as confirmed by them.

❌ Please note that we are not affiliated, associated, or in any way connected with R.O.A.R as these organizations are completely separate entities. Should you require any additional information about our organization, please contact us on social media, via e-mail (, or visit our website (

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