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Steri Day: 5 July 2018

SNIP SNIP HOORAY! 29 dogs and 31 cats were sterilized on 5 July 2018. (We were hoping for more, but the cats had other ideas! We will go back for the ones that are left! No getting away from us.)

They also received vaccinations and tick/flea treatment. All kitties were tested as well. We want to thank each and every one who made this possible. We are beyond grateful. Without you, these furkids would have been left to suffer alone.

Our brains are still a bit groggy after the long day yesterday, but we will add names to the list as we go along. So please forgive us, if we left your name out and send us a reminder!

Monitory donations from: Santa Cause for Paws Carla Erasmus & the art exhibition fundraiser Adele Malherbe Adele Wise Annette Esta Philipps Carolina & Johan van Huyssteen Dogbox Eleni Pantelis Jeannette Eksteen Karin Smit M Evans M Johnson Mellina Coutouvidis Pamela Fuller Pitpals Sone's group Tessa Rajoo Unknown person

Other donations: Animal Wellfare Stellenbosch - bedding, duvets etc. Inge Schubert from Instant tags - carriers Careen Aggenbach - sweets and treats Christa van Noordwyk de Goede - food parcels for the furkids Grade R Panorama Primary - sweets for kids Renee Brooks for supporting our Sweetie initiative to raise funds Uit Ouma se Kombuis (Soneike) - cake Water for PAWS - water Claire Myles - Technopet food Pet World N1 City - food and vouchers Bok Radio - blankets (Marian for arranging and collecting the blankets) Thys Basson - for letting us use his facilities on the farm

Volunteers on the day: (Not only did you bring more donations, you gave the most valuable items: your time and your love. For that we are eternally

grateful!) Adele Spreeth Andrea Hurter Carla Erasmus Denise Clark Holloway Elsa Basson Karin Smit Lindie Rossouw Louise Schoeman Mariska Kemp Salomie du Plessis Tania Binns

Vets: Dr A Roos, Dr M Thomas and their awsome team


Ps. Are you ready for our next steri day?

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